Copy of Coaching


Copy of Coaching

We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize that we only have one.
— Tom Hiddleson



Live Big.

And then live BIGGER.


A BIG Life is not necessarily about scope or scale.

Living BIG is about finding clarity of purpose and aligning your effort and energy with the intention and laser focus to achieve that end. 




The you of today doesn’t have to be ready to live the BIG life of your dreams.  In fact, if you were ready now, you'd already be living it. You work hard every day – learn to harness and focus the energy you’re already exerting so that it’s always growing you into your BIG goal.

Wendy's Build it BIG coaching program is designed to meet you where you are today and get you where you want to be tomorrow.

Build your BRAIN

  • Tend to overthink things? Do spiraling thoughts rob you of clarity and focus? Is negative self-talk getting in the way of living your BIG life? Learn a little bit about Wendy’s metacognitive approach to coaching.

  • Let’s get you crystal clear about what you want and what you don’t want.

  • Teach you powerful techniques to re-wire your brain toward greater focus and energy.
  • Learn to harness the power of your attention and intention on the things that matter most as the quickest way to reaching your goals.

Build your BRAND

  • Now that you’re 100% behind your purpose and your intentions and goals are crystal clear – how do you show up in the world? What does your personal brand say about you?

  • When people describe you or your business is your purpose/intention front and center?

Build your BONDS

  • Virtually every aspect of your life is affected by your relationships.
  • Learning to connect meaningfully, powerfully and intentionally will not only dramatically enhance and expand your world, but that of all those who surround you.

You have something unique to share with the world. Ready?

Wendy’s ‘Build it BIG’ program has directed me (and my business) down a new path. I was astounded how, with the right coach (and Wendy is!) - along with your own willing and readiness, you can truly make great strides. I’m so grateful to have met Wendy - her coaching has guided me to make choices that have changed my life professionally and personally.
— Stephanie Cabral, Founder, Progressions LLC
Wendy has the gift of being able to sift through a muddle of information and find the treasures within. I have finally learned to trust myself. Thank you, Wendy, for shining a light on MY gifts!
— Susan Toms, MA, RN