Stuck? Maybe Not

3 Ways to Tap into Your Intuition and Get Unstuck

Have you ever had a day, or a week, or even a year when you just felt STUCK?

Of course you have – I've never met a person who hasn’t.

It’s actually a good thing.

Feelings like “stuck,” “frozen,” or “trapped” are your intuition’s way of getting your attention – of telling you that something about the current way you’re living your life isn’t quite right for you.

It’s really easy to misread the cue and start to blame yourself or others for the situation you find yourself in. But beating yourself up or pointing the finger only leads to further feelings of powerlessness.

When you’re stuck, it’s time to start trusting your gut. The longer you ignore it – the more stuck you’ll become.

Think about it.

You’re always one choice away from completely changing your life.

That’s a TON of power.

Does this mean that you should be making radical, life-altering choices every time you feel stuck?

Yes and no.

It all depends on what you define as life-altering. It’s not the size of the change or decision that really matters here. It’s the simple act of choosing to do something different that begins to move you forward.

Trust your gut and those choices will lead you down the right path. The speed you travel is completely up to you.

This Week: 
3 intuition hacks to help you tap in.

Try this…

  1. The Friend Factor
    When you’re unsure whether or not a decision is the right one for you, imagine a friend is given the opportunity or choice instead of you and they say YES

    Do you feel relieved that you’re off the hook, happy for them? If so, it’s probably your gut telling you that this is not for you. 

    If you feel envious on the other hand, your gut is clearly telling you that this is a choice that you want to make.

  2. Catch a Tiger by the Toe
    Go ahead and eenie-meanie-miney-moe it. Really. This works more often than you think. If you’re disappointed in the result, or if you try to game the system to end up on a certain response, you can be assured that your intuition is behind it.

  3. Feature Film
    This is my favorite strategy for figuring out what my gut wants me to do because it works even when the situation feels more complicated than a simple should I or shouldn’t I.

    Picture yourself as the protagonist in a film about your life. Play the movie out in vivid detail in your mind’s eye, running through all the choices you have in front you. 

    Each time you change what the protagonist does in the film, imagine the audience’s reaction. 
    ● Are they at the edge of their seats with their fingers crossed hoping that you make the leap?
    ● Do they have their hands over their eyes, screaming “NO, don’t DO it?”
    ● Are they bored and disgusted with the character, thinking “Ugh, here we go again?”

This is your intuition speaking up.

Listen carefully.