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A Simple Practice to Show Up as Your Best Self

We’re kindred spirits, you and I.

Personal growth junkies, always reaching to understand a little bit more, endlessly stretching to be a little bit better, and trying, forever trying, to be the very best we can.

We may even follow one another on Facebook or Instagram clicking and commenting on the bits of insight, inspiration and wisdom shared.

Lately though, I’ll admit that the cynic in me has been rearing up. My shadow side – clever and snarky – is rolling her eyes at the lot of us.

Some days it just feels like a bunch of platitudes.

Of course I’d rather see words of love and gratitude out there than hate and ignorance.  Yet platitudes often have the opposite effect of the intended meaning.  

One of the first questions I ask both my individual and corporate clients is “how do you want to show up?”

It’s an important question.

We rarely show up as we intend.  (And it’s not just because we all have a snarky shadow side.) Our brains are wired to automate anything that we repeat.  That includes actions, thoughts and emotional responses.

While we may intend to show up as grateful, sincere, playful, confident, etc… we more often exhibit default behaviors that our brains have automated over years of reacting to the external stimuli we’re presented with.

And when people respond to that version of us rather than the #bestself we think we’re putting out there, we feel confused, disconnected and misunderstood.

So, what does showing up have to do with social media platitudes?

Modeling makes it real.

When we show up as #grateful, we’re actually creating the change we want to see in ourselves and in the world.  Here’s how…

This Week: 
Showing Up

Right now, (literally, right now) jot down all of the qualities that describe you at your best. We’re going for the real you – the you that you're proud of.  This is no time to be humble,. Jot them all down.  

  1. Take a critical look at the list (this is just for you - no judgment please) and cross off any quality you added because you think you’re supposed to have it, or you’re expected to have it, but it’s really not you.  

  2. Take a couple of deep breaths, close your eyes and envision that version of yourself.  Notice everything about it. The way you walk, talk, smile, dress, gesture, respond, etc…

  3. Several times each day, pause take a breath and ask yourself the question, “how do I want to show up?”  Take another few breaths while allowing the vision of your best self to flood your mind.

Go on with your business, allowing your actions to flow naturally from that place.  

Practice enough, and your best self will become your default.

Me?  I’ll be practicing too.  And I’m so grateful to be connected with you.  Wishing you a year of gratitude, love, health and abundance.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!