Mindful Sweeping

I recently happened upon a headline that read “Mindful Sweeping.” I didn’t read the article, but the idea flew around my head for a bit.

Last night, coming home from an all day event, it finally made sense.

This week had a number of long days. Driven by back to back trainings, client sessions, and meetings, the tiny tidbits of time left in between were filled with rushed attempts to meet deadlines.

I felt exhausted, but couldn’t seem to settle in. My mind whirled with all the things I should be doing – could be doing. None of it seemed possible, I was simply too tired and scattered.

Paul, my husband, poured me a glass of wine and told me it was time to call it a day – it was 7:00 pm. I sat down next to him, but I just couldn’t relax.

b r e a t h e

b r e a t h e

b r e a t h e

A bit better. Maybe, I needed to cross a few things off the list?

I opened my computer and stared. I swirled the cursor around the screen.


I shut the lid, put my glass on the table, and paced around the house.

Someone had made nachos and there were bits of chips all over the kitchen floor. And I mean all over – do teenagers not notice?!

I grabbed the broom.

I fell into a rhythm. Sweeping. Everything else melted away. Thoughts, physical exhaustion, emotional turmoil…gone. Before I knew it, I had swept the entire first floor.

As I put the broom away, I noticed that everything had settled. The task had been an intensely mindful experience, it drew me completely into the moment, leaving room for nothing but what was.


When you find yourself feeling scattered or unsettled, rather than trying to force either productivity or rest, try taking up a simple task (I highly recommend sweeping) and allow yourself to be drawn into the moment at hand.