Squirrel Brain? Crayola 64 to the Rescue

Oh man. Just thinking about the box sends shivers up and down my spine.

Don’t try to deny it. No human on earth is unmoved by that particular pack of crayons.

Everything about the Crayola 64 was absolutely perfect

  • all of those unspoiled tips in neat, colorful rows
  • the four movable inner cartons that could be slipped in and out for sharing, organizing, or easy access
  • the sticky, waxy smell of possibility…

Absolutely awesome.

Mere awesomeness alone doesn’t bring back such clarity and nostalgia however.

Your exceptionally vivid memories of the Crayola 64 are due in part to the fact that you were much more present, much more mindful as a child.

Back then, when faced with such splendor, you weren’t thinking about what happened two hours before you opened the lid, nor were you worrying about what you needed to accomplish when you finished coloring. You were all about the crayons, my friend – swept up in a frenzy of magenta, dandelion and periwinkle.

Want to try it again?

Go right ahead. In fact, make it part of your meditation practice!

Coloring (or doodling) is an effective mindfulness tool that will help quiet racing thoughts, lower your blood pressure, and reduce your stress.

It’s particularly helpful when you need to calm your mind so that you can listen to or focus on something important or when you’re feeling especially anxious or overwhelmed.

This Week: 
My 3 favorite ways to Color Yourself Calm.

Try this…

  • Get an adult coloring book and a set of fine-tipped markers and color for a bit when you’re feeling scattered or overwhelmed.
  • Go old school and get yourself the Crayola 64 box (FYI dandelion has been retired ???? ) and some actual kid coloring books. Break them out instead of numbing out on Facebook or TV.
  • Keep a few colorful pens and a scratch pad in your purse and near the phone. Pull them out and doodle when you have to listen to something that requires your full attention. Doodling a bit before going into a doctor’s office or taking a test will set your mind up for greater clarity and focus. I’ve always doodled while listening to lectures or talking on the phone – it’s always helped me focus.

Send us a picture of what you create!