Back to Basics

How to Center Yourself in The Midst of Busyness

Did you ever notice that there are certain times during the year when goals are really top of mind?

Spring is one of those times.

Maybe it’s because nature itself is getting a fresh start, or because it’s the beginning of the second quarter and you’re evaluating and retooling your plans, or maybe it’s just being wired in to the age-old archetype of rebirth.

Whatever the reason, Spring definitely re-energizes us. And in that renewed drive lives a challenge so often overlooked, that it’s the single biggest goal derailer on the planet.

Are you ready?

It’s what you know.

That’s it.  What you KNOW is getting in your way. 

Weird right?

What we know is rarely 100% in line with what we do – and it’s in the doing that things get done.

Here’s the tricky part.  

We’re GREAT at doing.  We’re busy AF. Do do do do do.  And when we’re energized? We’re doing machines.

But what does that doing actually create? (Other than more lists and a whole lot of exhaustion.)

All too often, not much.


Because the magic of doing lies in the tiny things.  The things we think we already know so we ignore them and dig into BIG doing.

We ignore the stretching before we exercise and so we get injured and have to stop.

We ignore the breathing when we’re stressed and so we get overwhelmed and poop out before we achieve what we want.  

We ignore the thing we chose to focus on to chase something new so we’re constantly busy without producing any real results. 

In every case, “…yeah, yeah, I’ll just skip that part because I need to (insert more exciting BIG-doing flavor of the month)…” is the thing that got in the way. 

Don’t get me wrong.

I love BIG-doing.  I myself am a HUMONGOUS-doer.  BIG doing = BIG outcomes. 

But not if you skip the foundation.  Not if you skip the focus. Not if you skip to something shiny that just feels good now.

This Week: 
SPRING back to basics 

  1. TAP IN to that renewed energy.  Really let it wash over you – appreciate it.

  2. EVALUATE what you plan on directing that energy toward to make sure it’s in line with what you really want to focus on this year.

  3. ASK yourself what all the pieces to getting there are.  Which pose the biggest “yeah, yeah…” risk? How can you simplify the doing to ensure you’ve got energy for the foundation AND the big stuff?

  4. STAY PRESENT.  Everything that’s real is right here in this moment. The ability to direct your focus and attention into the present is a foundation that will help you achieve this and every other goal. (If your mindfulness practice is one of those “yeah, yeahs,” re-start it today. Here’s a quick little tool to help: 

    Grab My One Stone Meditation Tool Here.

  5. Ok, go ahead now, DO!