The TRICK to Making the BEST Choice Every Time

How to Make Decisions When You’re Terrified

“If I knew what to do, I’d be doing it already!” 

This, 👆 is by far the number one response my clients give when I ask the question, “What would it take to move you one step closer to that big goal?”

I know you’ve felt that way too.  (Because we all have.)

Anytime you’re about to really lean in, to try something scary, or step into new territory, you’re likely to wrestle with the same questions…

What if I’m wrong?
Is this the right choice?
What’s the best thing for me to do here?

Know this.


But, as Oprah says… 

Here is something I know for sure:

You do know what to do.  In fact, right now you know exactly whether you should or shouldn’t.

This Week: 

Imagine yourself at 100 years old.  

You’re spry for your age and your mind is clear, but at 100, many of the choices that were available to you at 20, 30, 40, 50… are no longer an option. 

Simply ask THAT version of you what you should do today. 

I promise, the answer will come through loud and clear.

Full disclosure:
If the answer you get is DO IT, does that mean you’re definitely going to get the outcome that you want? 

Hell no.

But it does mean that you’ll regret not trying.  

AND…No matter the outcome, it absolutely, positively, 100% will move you closer to that goal.