Are You Making Things Harder Than They Need to Be?

No offense my friend, but you probably are. 

Don’t beat yourself up. 

You have a lot on your plate that needs to get done – some really important stuff. And people are depending on you!

You also have an endless list of petty annoyances (things like calling the plumber, shifting the laundry, stopping for gas when you’re already late) and those things all need to get done, too.

Add to that, the stuff that you want – all the stuff that tugs at you because you’re ready to level up, want to take better care or yourself, or because you’re ready for more.

It’s a lot to juggle.

It can feel really, really stressful. 

And HARD. It all feels really hard sometimes, right?

What if I told you that without a magic wand, a winning lottery ticket, or any significant work on your part, everything in your life could get easier immediately?

You’d probably think I’m either crazy or selling something.

I’m not.

AND what if I told you, you could do this without cutting anything off your to-do list??? (Of course you can – and probably should – cut things off that list, but that’s another blog post. ;) )

It’s 100% possible. No tricks.

What’s the catch, you say?

You simply need to trust me enough to try something that’s a little counter-intuitive. You don’t need to believe me yet. You don’t need to figure it out. Just give it a try and stick with it for an entire week. Easy peasy.

BONUS TIP if you get stuck: You can only choose/control what YOU do. Everyone else needs to choose for themselves.

You in?

This Week: 
3 Steps to Living the Easy Life

OK, so these aren’t even really steps.  They’re mantras, reminders if you will, that you’ll use to frame everything you do this week.  So, memorize them, put them on post-its, record them on your phone, do whatever is easiest for you to have these front and center for the next seven days.

Then use them.  Tap into them every single time something feels stressful or difficult.

And TRUST.  

Trust that they are 100% true (they are, that’s why I’m sharing them with you) but even if they weren’t true, there’s absolutely no risk to trusting them for one week.  Think of it as an experiment.

Here goes…

  1. Nothing is either good or bad.  It is only a step on the path, one that must be passed in order to get to the next one. You may like it, you may not like it, this thing – what’s important is that you trust that it’s neither good or bad, just the next step of your journey.

  2. You don’t have to do anything.  Every Single Thing you do is a choice – even stopping for gas or feeding your dog – your choice.  Choose to do it or choose not to, but recognize that you’re choosing

  3. Everything that you want or need already exists. Trust me here.  Once you remove the blinders that things (and outcomes) are either good or bad – once you begin to see your life as a series of tiny choices – something incredible starts to happen.  You notice things you’ve never noticed before. You choose to make choices you’ve never made before. You embrace opportunity, accept help, and receive support in ways you never considered before.  And guess what? It all feels easy.

Give it a go.  Stick with this for one week and let me know what happens….

I can’t wait!