One Minute That Will Change Your Day

How do you start your day?

Even with the best of intentions, most of us, on some days, start with a sense of UGH even before we open our eyes.

That’s normal. 

There’s nothing wrong with you, nothing to fix, nothing that you’re doing wrong. You’re just a human in a busy world with thoughts popping into your head on an average of about 1 every 4 seconds (and sometimes even more rapidly than that)!

Of course, some days start with UGH, and real talk, they always will.

It’s what happens next that matters. The stories you tell yourself about the UGH will frame your behavior, your perspective, and your energy. Those stories color the rest of your day and alter what is possible for you. 

Our minds are so occupied with default thinking, old habits, behavioral loops, lists, and schedules that we forget to divert any attention to the thing we want most. 

And then we wonder why that thing, that most important thing, is the thing that never actually materializes.

What is it that you want?

Something else?

This one-minute solution will help divert your attention and open up opportunity that you never knew existed.

This Week: 
A New Way to Start Your Day

  1. Name the thing you want.

  2. Write it in on each of the blank lines below.

  3. This part is important, please don’t alter it. Record yourself reading the passage below. Read slowly, calmly, gently.

  4. Begin each day with 3-5 deep, cleansing breaths and then listen to your recording. End with another couple of deep breaths.

  5. That’s it! Easy peasy!

Let me know what starts to happen!