“It turns out that people who are more socially connected to family, to friends, to community are happier, they’re physically healthier and they live longer than people who are less well connected.”

- Robert Waldinger MD, PhD, Harvard University Medical School

Real Relationships is a 12 month deep-dive group and individual coaching experience that will catapult you to a new level of confidence in every aspect of your life.

Your ability to create and maintain meaningful relationships is the linchpin to your personal happiness, professional success and even your health!

to your where members are learn to trust themselves and others and develop the awareness, skills and tools that create the deep, meaningful relationships, fuel personal happiness, professional success, and physiological health.

Who’s right for this group?

If you’re…

  • In a committed relationship but feeling disconnected from your spouse or partner.

  • Trying to find meaningful connection your their teen or tween.

  • Frustrated by disappointing friendships.

  • Plagued by old (and new) hurts within your family of origin.

  • Living alone and wishing you didn’t.

Then RR is the right choice for you.


The Deets.

Real Relationships members…

  • Become master communicators. Developing new skill sets that allow them to communicate with ease in even the most difficult situations.

  • Get rid of heavy relationships, old rules, or limiting beliefs that weigh them down and hold them back.

  • Grow to new heights in confidence and self-trust. RR members get truly comfortable in their own skins.

  • Use the skills and tools they learn in RR in real world situations that shift relationships quickly. 

How it works.

  • The group meets over ZOOM 2x each month for 90 minutes.

  • I keep the RR group really small (10 and under) so every member feels comfy and has ample time and attention on every call.

  • There’s plenty personal support with a 45 minute deep dive 1:1 with me every month (12 total).

  • Membership also includes a bonus 90 minute 1:1 session at start up to prepare new members to enter the group. 

  •  A private FB group lets members touch in to celebrate successes and enlist support through rough patches between calls.

That’s a full year of transformational group AND 1:1 coaching….

Just $2997 or 12 installments of $299!