What the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Brene Brown



We’ve all attended talks or workshops that really fire us up, only to be right back where we started within hours (or minutes) of leaving the room.  We have the best of intentions when it comes to adopting what we heard, but life gets in the way and the information ends up in the “I’ll get to it as soon as…” bin. 

Your time is precious. You want to be inspired and you need that inspiration to fuel action that's sustainable.  At the end of the day, you want something that's meaningful, helpful & useful to your people as well as to your organization.

Let me motivate your organization to undo limiting beliefs and learn new, sustainable practices that increase productivity and teach each individuals how to pursue their goals with confidence.  CLICK here for Wendy's speaking menu.

    What makes Wendy Different?

    1. Participants will leave the room having already made some change or shift in behavior.
    2. They’ll be able to apply what you learn throughout your life AND every other workshop you attend – immediately adopting new strategies rather than ‘shelving them’ for later.
    3. Your team will have tools and a shared language to use with one another to ensure that the shifts you make grow into lasting cultural change for your organization.
    4. You’ll have a blast!


    Put Wendy in front of any group of people and get ready for the sparks to fly. Simply put, Wendy moves people. Even in a crowded room, she reaches in and inspires every individual to want to be their best, to live their best, and to believe that’s possible.
    — Millie Grenough, Author & Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine