From One Reader to Another...

Over the course of my life, I've read hundreds of personal and professional development books.  Some have been good, many have been not so good and some have been life changing. Friends and colleagues are always asking me for recommendations about what they should read next.  

I love those conversations.  Because I know that once they read one of those books, we'll get to talk about it! We'll trade insights and come up with new, BIG ideas.  We'll get each other fired up

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One Woman to Another...

I was recently having exactly that type of conversation with a colleague - of course, it got me fired up.

We were talking about about all of the incredibly bad-ass, brilliant and successful women we know.

It turns out that two things are 100% true about every single one of them:

  1. They're ALL seekers of knowledge and wisdom.
  2. No matter HOW MUCH they have achieved, they yearn for confidence, collaboration and support.

A BIG idea was born.

Why not hook you all up?  Not just to introduce you to one another, but to really connect you so you can get to know each other, learn from each other, teach each other and most importantly, support each other.  All while doing what you already love to do - READING great books.  Welcome to...



We all crave a community that challenges us to grow, inspires us with new ideas, and will sustain and encourage us as we stretch ourselves to reach for new horizons.

This is it.

Women & Words is a space for powerful learning. It’s an incubator for growth, a sisterhood of smart, powerful, successful women ready, willing and able to pull one another forward.

How Does it Work?

  • Each month, members will read a book from my curated list of the best books in personal and professional development.

  • Then, we’ll get together on a monthly zoom video call where you'll have an opportunity to test the concepts you read about, share your experiences and expertise and draw on the experiences and expertise of your new sisters-in-action.


What if I don't have time do the reading before the call?

That's the best part.  The books are being selected for the conversations they'll inspire.  Even on a month when you didn't have the time to read, you'll have plenty to offer and to gain from attending the zoom call.  

What if I already read one or more of the books on the list?

Some of the books will be new releases that we'll all experience together for the first time.  All of the books are being selected for the conversations they'll inspire so even if you've already read one or two, the rich discussion on the call can offer brand new insights and inspiration.  And, you may want to consider giving it a re-read.  As you move through time, different things tend to resonate - you may discover things you hadn't the first time around.

What is a zoom call?

Zoom is a super easy video conferencing app.  Don't worry about the tech.  If you need support, we'll walk you through.

What You’ll Get:

  •  A monthly zoom call with an intimate group (6-10) of some of the most bad-ass women I know.
  • Enrollment in my members only Women & Words facebook group to keep the conversations going between calls and expand your circle to members of all the Women & Words groups.
  • Opportunities for in-person meet ups to get to know each other on a deeper level
  • A chance to give back and help young girls thrive. I’ll be donating 5% of Women & Words profits to Girls Inc.

All for less than the cost of your daily Starbucks! 

Four Ways to Join:

I'm in! I'd like to get the books on my own.

Just $47/month! 

I'd prefer one payment of $497.

I'm in! Please send the monthly book directly to me.

Just $67/month! And you'll receive our book selection each month! You choose, paper, kindle or audible!

I prefer one payment of $747. And you'll receive our book selection each month! You choose, paper, kindle or audible!