“Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be unlocked from the inside.”

- Marilyn Ferguson

You’re here, so I’m guessing that you can feel it…

…you’re thinking maybe, this is the time it’s going to happen.

Hoping that this time, it will be different.

It can be.

You have the power within you to flourish, to manifest the life you were born to live.

 It’s a place unburdened by fear, judgment, or circumstance.

Transforming your life is 100% within your reach.

The time for you to shine in your life and your business is right now.

How do I know?

Wendy Perrotti coaching and mastermind

I’ve been there.

I have decades, decades of journals dedicated to making myself and my life better.

Page after page…a masterpiece in self-loathing, cheerleading and the same old promises.


For decades!

I can’t tell you how many of those entries start with “What the hell is wrong with me?!”

(Sound familiar?)

I was urging myself along with lots of

“I just need to…” 

“I’m going to…” and

“As soon as…” statements.

Always the same

Sure, those years were punctuated with half-wins and temporary solutions, but I always ended up back where I started.

I was frustrated, disgusted with myself and ashamed. 

And that, my friends, leads to the same place.



Playing small.

If you’re thinking “just fake it til you make it,” I can tell you with 100% certainty that when you’re hiding on the inside, no amount of outer bravado will produce actual lasting change.

Just ask anyone who knew me at the time.

They would have told you that I had it pretty together.

I was faking it, but not making it.

That was over a decade ago.

Since then I have completely revamped my life. And helped hundreds of other people revamp theirs.

The secret?

Three simple steps, and the belief (even if it’s just the hint of belief at the start) that you can.

(Full disclosure…just because it’s simple doesn’t make it easy. You have to choose to act and you have to repeat the action, and that takes some doing. But I promise you, being stuck and feeling frustrated is much much harder.)

Wendy is a gentle laser. She pairs her spot-on intuition and insight with knowledge of how our brain works and our patterns engrain, and helps me catch myself and establish new routes. She’s smart, curious and witty, and makes the work inspiring and fun.
— Cecile Wijne-Kroon, Editorial Consultant