Balance Schmalance

The ONE Ingredient You’re Missing That’s Keeping You Stressed

I give a talk called Balance Schmalance and it's the talk everyone wants me to give.

In fact, I created it because I had gotten so many requests that start with “…do you have anything on work-life balance”.

People are so stressed out.  

They’re over scheduled, over spent, and over committed.  They envision balance as this wondrous, zen-like state where everything feels weightless and sweet. It's some they want it very much.  Maybe you want it, too.

Here’s the thing.

It’s not gonna’ happen. 

At least, not in the way you’re thinking. 

Balance is actually a rather precarious state – a little something extra in any direction and BOOM, everything is off kilter again. And creating this life-balance would mean maintaining said precarious state among countless moving, ever-changing components, many of which are completely outside of your control.

No wonder you’re exhausted! You’re trying to create and control something that can’t be created or controlled.

But that thing that you’re looking for? That sense of harmony and lightness?  That is real.  And you can have it.  You just can’t make it.

You have to see it.

You have to accept it.

You have to allow it.

If you want balance, you only need to tap in, because balance is all around you.

This Week: 
Use Your Mindfulness Practice to Tap Into Balance

When things feel out of balance, stretched or stressed this week, try this mini-meditation: 

  1. Take 3-5 long, deep breaths, allowing your whole body to participate in each one.  Feel your body as it fills completely with air, expanding, lengthening, straightening on the inhale. Then allow your body to completely relax, letting each muscle melt into a natural ease  as you exhale completely.

  2. Now repeat the following: [You may want to record yourself reading this aloud, so you can listen, fully immersed as often as you like or REPLY to this email with the words ME PLEASE, and I’ll send you the recording I made for my own use. ; ) ]

    All is well.  Balance is all around me.  Even when things seem intense and out of control, the Universe is in perfect balance.  I am part of this Universe. I am part of this balance. I am part of this harmony. I can choose, in every moment where to place my focus and in doing so, I am giving as much as I am receiving. I am the Universe.  I am balance. I am harmony. All is well.